Secret to a Rewarding Retirement? KEEP WORKING!!!

That’s right folks, the good people of CNBC wrote an article saying just that! As a matter of fact, a quote from the article tells us, “Recent data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute showed that nearly 80 percent of workers say that they’d like to continue working after retirement.” Uh? WHAT did you say? 80%? As in 4 in 5 people would like to WORK after retirement? Did I mention that is a four letter word in my dictionary? Yeah…I am absolutely stumped by this article…from a financial news network of all places. Here is that actual article link:

I have quite a bit more to say about this, but my fabulous wife will be home shortly, so I am going to wrap it up for now. But never fear, I *will* offer my opinion on this fluff piece shortly!

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